Steps for training your own housekeeper

Steps for training your own housekeeper

You schedule a consultation with the healthy maid where she will come and meet you at your house to discuss your needs and to evaluate the appliances and materials in your house to determine what your housekeeper will need to know.

After the consultation, the healthy maid will submit a cost breakdown sheet and invoice to you for you to approve.

If you approve this invoice, a 50% payment needs to be made before the training can begin. After the payment has been received, the healthy maid will schedule a day for your housekeeper/housekeepers to be trained in your house/business.

The compulsory caddy will be supplied with all your cleaning products that you will need to clean your home and create a non-toxic environment. A set of refills will also be included and further refills can be ordered from the Healthy Maid.

After the training has taken place, the other 50% deposit needs to be paid.

Thereafter she will schedule a follow-up date to come and evaluate the housekeepers work. She will then also supply the checklists for her to use in your house and all the cleaning information of what she has learnt.

The housekeepers receives her certificate with pride and is now ready to cater for all your cleaning needs.