Meet Jurelma

Meet The Healthy Maid - Owner of the business

Jurelma is a dynamic and vibrant female who formed the idea of The Healthy Maid after her introduction to the Super yachting industry. She worked as Stewardess onboard yachts and was involved in both interior and exterior operations on the vessels. Her experience in the industry whilst working on different sized vessels and becoming a chief stewardess, helped her in developing a business focused on cleaning, training and maintaining. Her role as a chief stewardess on a 47m sailing vessel equipped her with all the known skills to maintain a yacht to optimum standards. She knows everything about cleaning, which natural and non-toxic products to use and how to maintain all the appliances in a household

The fuel for creating Healthy maid Pty. (Ltd) came from knowing that many of our housekeepers did not receive any official training before starting to work in our homes. They were mostly forced into a job in which they have limited knowledge. The working woman, mother and/or father of the house or any person acting as the caregiver of the house, might not have the knowledge or time to educate the housekeeper and therefore won’t receive the service they want and need in their homes.

Jurelma, The Healthy Maid, is passionate about working with these individuals and carrying over all the information she has learnt over the years. Jurelma believes, your weekends weren’t made for housework…so if you welcome her and the Healthy maid workers into your home, be ready to be swept away.