Q & A for booking one of our housekeepers

Q & A for booking one of our housekeepers

What does the service include?

  • The client request a housekeeper from Healthy maid and notifies us on where they are located and how many days a week a housekeeper is needed.
  • Please allow us to place the perfect housekeeper in your home, this might take up to two weeks to get all her documents settled.
  • We accompany your housekeeper on the first day of employment to introduce the housekeeper to you and to have a brief interview with you as the client to determine your specific needs. Please take note, we trust all our housekeepers and we won’t be present for the duration of the day while she cleans.
  • After we have determined your needs, we provide the employer and housekeeper with a detailed daily, weekly and monthly checklist of what to do according to the house/business and needs. This ensures a clean environment that will give you a feeling of satisfaction when you are not there to oversee what has been cleaned and how. This package also include pictures and descriptive steps on ironing and folding for each garment of clothing as well as bed sheets and codes to the loads of washing garments.
  • At the end of the month clients receive an invoice for services provided. All payments must reflect in our bank account by end of the month (Please take note it usually takes up to 2 days, so please take this into consideration when making the payment).


The service will include the following areas of cleaning:

  • All areas of washing – how to maintain a clean washing machine, how to wash, dry and iron clothes in a specific way, how to stain treat items, which products to use as well as the amount used. Also how to read labels of clothing to use the correct laundry way of doing them. (Note: All types of clothing will be ironed and exercised).
  • The cleaning of different rooms in the house/business.
  • The cleaning and maintenance of the appliances in the house/business including kettles, coffee machines, milk frothers, irons etc.
  • Transport to and from your home is taken care of by Healthy Maid which means you don’t have to worry about it.
  • We also ask that the client purchase our compulsory caddy and refills if they are satisfied with the level of cleaning from our housekeepers. This cleaning kit consists of natural non-toxic product that is specific in cleaning marble, wood, glass, material etc. Our housekeepers have been trained in using these kits. A training kit can be used as an example if the client request to see the difference beforehand.


What does this service not include?

  • It does not include caring for your children. This service is exclusively for providing you with a reliable and trained housekeeper to clean your house.
  • It also doesn’t include cooking lessons or preparation of food for the house/business.
  • Our employees do not work after hours, on public holidays and/or weekends unless otherwise arranged.
  • Any communication is done directly through Healthy Maid and not employees themselves, this can cause confusion and frustration to clients.
  • It doesn’t include cleaning the outside of the house, apart from porches. It also doesn’t include cleaning all the windows and having to use ladders to reach windows outside of the house.
  • It doesn’t include organizing other services such as a Laundromat for collecting sheets or a window cleaning company to come and do your windows.
  • We can’t be held accountable if any of the appliances break unless it was forcefully used by our employees. Please understand that the breakage of appliances might be due to poor maintenance or the use of the appliance for many years.
  • We have insurance for breakage of valuables in your household that exceeds the amount of R1000, but we can’t be held accountable for the loss of items as the insurance companies won’t grant us this service. You as the home owner should have insurance for the loss of items in your household.