Q & A for training your housekeeper

Questions and Answers about training your housekeeper

What does the service include?

This is an exclusive service for the satisfaction of both the employer and the employee. The service aims to empower the housekeeper to use the right products to clean and care for all the appliances and materials in the house/business and to maintain these appliances in a healthy and correct manner. It also provides the employer and housekeeper with a detailed daily, weekly and monthly checklist of what to do according to the house/business and needs. This ensures a clean environment that will give you a feeling of satisfaction when you are not there to oversee what has been cleaned and how.

The service will include the following areas:

  • All areas of washing – how to maintain a clean washing machine, how to wash, dry and iron clothes in a specific way, how to stain treat items, which products to use as well as the amount used. Also how to read labels of clothing to use the correct laundry way of doing them. (Note: All types of clothing will be ironed and exercised).
  • The cleaning of different rooms in the house/business. We will focus of four main areas: the bedroom, the bathroom, kitchen and living room.
  • The use of all the appliances in the house/business including kettles, coffee machines, milk frothers, irons etc. This entails the cleaning as well as the maintenance in the use of these appliances.
  • Additional services can also be added: Table settings (how to set a table if guests are expected) and organizing of cupboards in the house to save time for yourself.

The products of the business will include:

  • Providing a cleaning kit for everything that is needed to clean the house/business. You will need different materials in cleaning glass, marble, wood and other materials. The housekeeper should be trained in using safe and healthy products that our bodies can adjust too. You as the employer will also receive a set of refills. After the first set of refills, you can also order additional refills of or extra cleaning kits for your house.
  • Providing a specialized checklist and cleaning manual for your house/business. This includes daily, weekly, monthly and seasonally checklists that is specialized according to your house/business and needs. This ensures that the training that was given will be continued by the housekeeper in your house/business and that you can have a feeling of contentment that these tasks are preformed.
  • Pictures and descriptive steps on ironing and folding that was taught for each garment of clothing as well as bed sheets. You will also receive codes to the loads of what was taught.
  • Cleaning instructions on what has been taught to make sure your housekeepers always remembers what she learnt.
  • A set of recommendations for you on what you can do and add to your household to make your housekeeper’s job easier and more efficient.
  • A certificate of achievement for your housekeeper to state that she successfully completed the training program.

What does this service not include?

  • It does not include caring for your children. This service is exclusively for the training of your housekeeper to clean.
  • It also doesn’t include cooking lessons or preparation of food for the house/business.
  • It doesn’t include cleaning the outside of the house, apart from porches. It also doesn’t include cleaning all the windows and having to use ladders to reach windows outside of the house.
  • It doesn’t include organizing other services such as a Laundromat for collecting sheets or a window cleaning company to come and do your windows.
  • A kit will be provided as example and it will be used during this training. This kit is compulsory to purchase from the healthy maid. This kit does not however include a vacuum/hand held vacuum or mop. Recommendations on the cleaning appliances can be requested and shall be given to the client. Please note that the focus of the training is cleaning: therefore cleaning products will be supplied in the kit. However, no polish or treatments will be included.

What will we not be responsible for?

  • Although the service is there to empower the employer and the employee, we can’t be held accountable that the employee will stay with the employer for a certain amount of time.
  • We will not be held accountable if the housekeeper refuses to participate during training or refuses to maintain to the standards being shown in training.
  • We can’t be held accountable if any of the appliances break after the training. This might be because of poor maintenance or the use of the appliance for many years.